Wedding Cakes - Cupcakes Euro4.50 Lily

Cupcakes are priced at Euro4.50 each as shown
Cupcake Type 4: Euro4.50 Each Cupcake in Cupcake Wrapper Topped with a swirl of buttercream and choice of sugar decoration, jewels, butterflies, hearts, daisies, petals
4inch iced sponge cake as a top tier free of charge when you order 50 cupcakes.
You can choose the colours as I handmake all the decorations. 
4 Flavours of cupcakes are available 1. Vanilla seed & raspberry 2. Lemon zest and curd 3. Chocolate 4. Carrot
1. Stand Hire is Euro25 plus a damage deposit of Euro75 that is returned when I get the stand back safely.
2. If you want a 6inch Chocolate Biscuit Cake instead on Top this is  Euro40 extra.
3. If you want an 8inch Chocolate Biscuit Cake or Sponge Cake instead on Top this is  Euro70 extra.
4. If you want fresh flowers on top tier these are supplied by the customer.
5. Brooches are Euro5 to Euro15 Extra depending on size
Cupcakes Euro4.50 Lily
Cupcakes Euro4.50 Lily
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